Our growing band of Playtesters.

We spent a lot of time with a lot of lovely people whilst developing our games. The following people were prepared to sit with us, play our game at various stages of growth and improvement and offer their genuine and honest opinion. We know only too well that the game would not have developed so far without this feedback and we are genuinely grateful to you all for sharing your thoughts.  Take a bow: - Iain Lowson, Daniel Mott, Toni Mott, Tim Hill, Andrew Brown, David Dorward, Cat Tobin, John N Wilson, Johnny Nexus, Adele and Robert Coles, Ieuan Fishlock, Gareth Fishlock, Maria Fishlock, Cerian Fishlock, Judith Brooks, Paul Brooks, Matthew Brooks, Paul Turner, Jade Owen, James Good, Mark Scott, Amy Trafford, Joanna Goral, Sarah Collyer, Beryl Harmer, Roy Harmer, Hannah Dye, James Collyer, Sarren Grewolf Charlie Geywolf, Tom Garretty, Andy Berry, Richard Bolton, Andy Payne and the Appynation team, Ian Livingstone, Paul Ripley, David Crook, Geoffrey Ford, Jean Cuffe, Paul Lewthwaite, Michael Armstrong, Karl Bibby, Dominic Walden, Joe Toovey, Kate Lewis, Richard Friend, Giles May, Ross jepson, Chaz Simpson, Cheryl Rowland, Chris and Steph Stopford, Scott Townend, Rob and Fi Jeeves, Charlie and Alan Paull, Alex Churchill, Richard Breese, Sebastian Bleasdale, Stephen, Trish, Charlie and Amy Harman, Ray and Virginia Harman, Nicola and Andy Bowers...and I feel like there are some more - many more. Let me know if I've missed you off. You deserve to be here! Thankyou to you all.

Our  Kickstarter Backers.

So...we struggled to design a game, worked hard on it, play tested it a lot and then hit this huge hurdle. We had a game, we had something people wanted and we had to get the money together to make it actually happen. Manufacturing - as we have discovered - is not cheap. Very not cheap. We could not have afforded to buy the stunning professional services of Cartamundi UK without the generous trust shown by all of our Kickstarter backers. The following people stumped up money and waited very patiently whilst we got on and turned our dream game into a reality. Thank you to al of you. We could not have done it alone. The people that helped are....in a random order... Flavio Jandorno, Andrew Hepworth, Mike Barnes, Chris Stopford, Bethan Clode, Luke Owen, Matthew Sanderson, Andrew Bishop, Paul Davies, Edward Culbreath, Jamie Stone, Liz Mackie, Andrew Taylor, Bruce Bernard, Helen Joy, Nicki Scofield, Janet Kerr, Michelle Apps, Phil Harris, The Fisk Family, Adam Prior, Alan Ballantine, Alex Green, Alexis Cole, Alistair Scott Brandson, Amy Featherstone, Andy Macdonald, Andy Payne, Bradley Fish, Brian Nisbet, Daniel Pritchett, Gordon and Callum McSherry, Cheryl Vogel, Chuck Lazarow, Craig Oxbrow, Daniel Markiewicz, Darwin Bromley, David Morris, Dennis P Pratt, Glenn Henderson, Iain Lowson, Feefers Lovecraft, GJ Wilson, Gwyn and Tracey, Hannah Voss, J.A. Kok, James Rose, Jan Kenderal, Jason Mackinley, JC Toodles, Jeff Tjaden, Johanna Hedberg, John Wolson, Joseph Larmarange, Josh Beauvais, Julia Ward, Kerry Adam,Loic Coudron, LouBear and TingBear, Lynden Sherriff, Marcus Wischick, Mario  F. Diaz, Mark Brown, Matt Lang, Matt Schwartz, Matthew Dawkins, Michael Britton, Michael Sweazey, Mike Bryant, Neil and Magz Wiseman, Paco Garcia Jean, Pat and Chrissy Grogan, Phillip Pontious, R Dickerson, Rob Wooley, Adele and Robert Coles, Robert K Lewis, Samuel Tissier, Samuel J Rudland, Saul Wynne, Sherwyn Sicat, Simeon Jones, Simon Procter, Sofia and Nicholas Kvasnic, Stephen Thomson, Steven W Farquhar, David at Wareing Surgery, Wolfie, Ann and Clive Harmer, Alison Rawlinson, Amir Rakib, Andrew Girdwood, Julian Musgrave, Angharad Cole, Angus Abranson, Britta Brown, The Brooks Family, Cathriona Tobin, Chaz Simpson, Cheryl Rowland, Christopher Dickinson, Colin Pickup, Daniel Mackay, Becky Hirst, David Crowell, Drew Gotobed, Ed Kowaczewski, Gary Wade, Giles Armstrong, Graeme Rigg, Gregor Hutton, Helen Gale, James Good, Jade Owen, James Gwynne Rowlands, James Joynson, Josh Crowe, Karen Draper, Kirsty Young, Lars Aretz, Lewis Hennessey, Malcolm Green, Marianne Davey, Matthew Barrowcliffe, Matthew McPherson, Meg Middleton, Mr and Mrs Spearing, Neil Hora, Nick van Beurden, Paul Goldstone, Radek Konciewiz, Rotem Raviv, Sarah-Louise Waterhouse, Simon Hall, Steve Kemp, Steve Overton, The Collins Crew, The Startled Mole, William Treadwell......thank you all!

Our Shops


It is briliiant and tremendously encouraging to see our games getting out to more shops and so become more available for folk to sit down and play. But way back even before we had any games printed we were given a huge amount of support by several really helpful bricks and mortar shops. We got advice, we got space and time to show our games in their stores and they supported us in the earliest days by stocking our first game. A huge thanks to


Eclectic Games, Reading.

Rules of Play, Cardiff

Shire Games, Stoke-on-Trent

Spirit Games, Burton-upon-Trent

Leisure Games, London


Yes you. You deserve to be in our Hall of Fame too. Games don't play themselves you know - despite what Pixar would have you believe. Games need people and your support by looking here, hopefully seeing something interesting and then spreading the word is massively helpful. Word of mouth (or other social media) is a vital tool for us. So, please be a tool and spread the word about Yay Games. Hmm...not sure that came out quite right, but you know what I mean. I hope. Smiley face, lol.