UK Games Designers and Publishers.

Right now the United Kingdom is buzzing with a whole host of amazing and talented games developers. We are incrediby lucky to know quite a few of them and we're making new friends all the time. If you want to find more, brilliant UK talent and their games, then click on any of the links here and you'll find a stack of new wonders waiting. Enjoy....

Surprised Stare Games.

The team behind Snowdonia, Ivor the Engine and many more. They are rapidly becoming our unofficial mentors - but don't tell them.

Wotan Games.

If it's medieval merriment you want then Camelot:The Build and Camelot:The Court could be just your mug of mead.

Grublin Games

Down in the far South West live the gang behind Cornish Smuggler and the bee-rilliant Waggle Dance.

Hopwood Games

The man behind the unpronouncable Mjinlieff and Dodekka among many other delightfully mindbending games.

Black Box Games

Most people know them as the Lords of War mob who just keep getting stronger and stronger with their fantasy based mayhem.

Legend Express

Gods and football never mix, right? Wrong. Age of Soccer proves that. Play deities deciding mankind's fate on the pitch of power. I'm not kidding.

Gen 42 Games

Fun with insects in the excellent Hive. Going from strength to strength with addictive simple and excellent games like Army of Frogs.

Modiphius Entertainment

Taking the leap from excellent RPG fare like Mindjammer into co-op games with the fab Thunderbirds.

North and South Games

If it's family friendly fun you want then have a look here. From bears breaking into safes in Safebreaker to explosive Rock, Paper, Scissors, Bang and beyond.


An abstract puzzle game for 2-3 players. Complete hexagons in your colour while blocking your opponents. It's that easy - and that hard!

Big Potato

The shoreditch gang behind runaway success Linkee and the perilous Bucket of Doom.

Ragnar Brothers

From the Victorianesque Steam Donkey to medieval Monastery and now the modern industrial Dr Congo - just look for the top hats!

Backspindle Games

The guys who threw Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice into the ring. And that's not all they do. Discworld stuff anyone?

Treefrog Games

Ok so they changed UK to NZ. But it would be churlish to ignore over 30 games like London and Age of Industry and...well go and look. We don't do churlish here.

And these are just the first few fabulous Great British designers and publishers. All just a cick away. Go on you know you want to.