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Ominoes is coming.

Here is the first version of what's pretty close to the final artwork for our new and shiny game.

We'll be taking this to Kickstarter in April and there's more on that on the Ominoes page.

So what is Ominoes. Well, it's a quick and exciting light strategy game which plays in 15 minutes for 2-4 players. You start by placing the Ominoes - the dice - on the board and you're aiming to collect groups of four or more of your own God. That could be Horus, Apep, Ra or Khepri (green falcon, red snake, yellow sun or blue scarab beetle). Easy? well, not so much. You see in each turn you roll an omone and if it shows a God you get to move an Ominoe of that type exactly three spaces on the board and then place the Ominoe you just rolled on the board. So it could be your advantage, or you could be screwing someone else over. Then you add in Yay-Ra the dark moon which allows you to choose any Ominoe and move it and Ominotep the dark serpent where you reroll a placed Ominoe and all chaos ensues. The first to score 13 points of grouped Ominoes wins.

Yup - that simple and that interactive. In playtests we've already had people screaming for rematches straight away!

So - have a look at the page for more info and keep watching what we're up to. Like us on Facebook /yaygamesUK and get regular updates.

Ciao people. Happy gaming!

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