Yes. As voted for by the folk at Conpulsion - the longest running games con in Scotland - we are honoured and proud to say we were voted 'Best Board Game' 2015. Thanks to all who voted and have supported us so far. Happy gaming!!!

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FRANKENSTEIN'S BODIES - What's it all about?


You are playing SURGEONS in FRANKENSTEIN'S LABORATORY trying to impress him with the bodies you stitch together. Each player has one laboratory area with two operating benches on which to work. Bodies come in two genders (male and female) with six parts to a body (head, torso, two arms and two legs) and they come in four colours (red, blue, green and yellow - the serum types used to reanimate the body bits). Bodiies that are more complete, and matched for gender and colour gain more points at the end of the game. The surgeon player with the most points wins. Simple?.....not quite.



If it was a race to put body bits together then there wouldn't be any of our favourite player interactions. So in your turn (pick two cards to add to the five in your hand and then play two) you can use surgery cards to steal opponents bits and put them into your, or other player's areas. But time it wrong and the body part becomes infected - meaning it's worthless and cannot be taken by surgery again until it's disinfected by carbolic spray.

You can bring in Master Surgeons to help who become specialists for heads, arms, torsos and legs and allow parts to be delivered non-infected and protect certain bits whilst they are there. Of course, they too can be stolen and taken to some other area to work. Deflection cards can stop this, redirecting nefarious actions towards other players.


The game ends when one player completes two bodies, or the deck runs twice through. The second run through though is very quick as there are no body parts left and just a whole host of actions.


Frankenstein's Bodies takes 'two turns to learn' and with the language independent deck can be enjoyed internationally.


It's a quick to learn game of serious backstabbery and competitive surgery.

To give you a clearer idea of what's in the game here are the RULES to look at and download.


Ok, so we are bound to say that our game is pretty smashing - well after almost three years spent tweaking designing, retweaking and playtesting, playtesting and playetesting - we're bound to feel a bit proud. But you don't have to take our word for it. Here are some reviews from people who really know their gaming onions. Click on the links below and see what they have to say. And if you like it then follow them too. They all come up with some excellent comments. Oh, and if you wish to make your own comments then please do 'rate' us on boardgamegeek. The link is at the bottom.

Nearly Enough Dice

" It has all the elements I love in this style of game. Ways to mess with your opponents, ways for your opponent to mess with you as well as ways you can try to prevent as much as you can! Throw on top of this that the game takes on average an hour with experienced players to play to the end and you have a rather simple game!"

Who Dares Rolls

" And once you grasp the basics its then that all the subtle tactics start to emerge, knowing when to strike or  when to make the best use of an opportunity as it presents itself. A great litmus test for me are those games that take minutes to learn then years to master, this has the feel of one of those."

Token Trove

"Frankenstein's Bodies is evil, I mean really evil! The amount of backstabbing and sabotage that takes place is enough to make anyone scream in anguish! ... but what makes this game different is that everyone loves it !"

Games Gazette Online

" It's a fun game from start to end. There is player interaction, back stabbing, gory bits, decision making, card play and tongue-in-cheek humour, all of which goes towards making this a tasty entertainment."


A 2nd Chapter

A very keen 'pro-gaming' blog with occasional reviews. Here's what they said about 'Frank' at the Conpulsion launch.

Creaking Shelves

Excellent and enthusuastic review from Matt. 'A blood splattered explosion of interaction and recriminations'. Nice.

Polyhedron Collider.

Andrew talks to Steve about Frankenstein's Bodies in the very busy UK Games Expo hall. Yes, I'm excited I talk fast when I'm excited.


The go-to place for all things gamey. Please rate our game as this really helps put us on the map.

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And that's a brief intro to Frankenstein's Bodies. If you like what you see and can't wait to get playing the button below.


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