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Sandcastles - build sandcastles, attack sandcastles, win bonuses.

It's a summer holiday in a box. 

For 1-7 players. Yes you read that right.

3-7 and you have beach rivalry and chaos. 2 players battle for supremacy.

Solo variant allows you to practice your sandy creations against the game.


All playable in 30 minutes.


Simple rules - minutes to learn but every game is different.


Scroll down this page to find information about SANDCASTLES including

How to Play

Links to Reviews

A copy of the game rules in English, German, Italian, French or Spanish.



Welcome to the beach! You are aiming to create the finest sandcastles you can from the crab, bucket and seagull cards available. You can use attack cards to steal sandcastle cards from other players. Completed sandcastles can gain you bonuses depending on what symbols the castle shows and what shape it is. But beware - other players can steal your bonuses if they match or beat it. The game ends when the Big Wave is turned up and the player with the most collected sandcastle cards and bonuses wins.


A light and fluffy game of backstabbery and revenge.


SANDCASTLES. How to play.

Each player is dealt three cards from the sandcastle and attack cards. A number of bonuses are laid out depending on the number of players. These will be a mixture of shape and symbol bonuses and will be different for each game.

The remaining deck is placed in the middle of the table with the Big Wave shuffled into the bottom 10 cards. Three cards are turned face up.

In a turn a player will play one action. They can

1) add to a sandcastle they are building in their own area or start a new one

2) attack another player with the attack cards

3) exchange a card from their hand with one in the middle of the table.

It's that simple. Once a sandcastle is complete (meaning there are no castle walls touching the card edge) then each of the cards is banked (1 point each) and any bonus is taken from the central area or another player. At the end of the game any incomplete sandcastles score a big fat zero - so getting them finished is pretty important.


The Attacks.  Playing an attack card enables a player to steal a sandcastle card from an opponent. Crab cards always beat buckets, which always beat seagulls, which in turn beat crabs. If you think this sounds a bit 'rock, paper, scissors' well it's much more than that. If 'rps' is a battle - sandcastles is war. Players can retaliate from their hand countering an attacking crab with a seagull from their hand. The attacker can increase their attack bringing a bucket to chase the seagull. In all cases the winner keeps all the attack cards and grabs (or keeps) the sandcastle section under dispute. Do have a look at the rules pdf for more information.


And that's it really. Very quick to learn, simple to play but with some interesting decisions and choices to keep experienced gamers and new players guessing and engaged. Do I race to finish this castle and miss the bonus? Do I push my luck and aim for the biggest sandcastle bonus? Do I steal sandcastle cards from other players to sabotage their chances? Can I remember if they have a seagull to block me? When will the Big Wave appear?




Who doesn't love building sandcastles on a beach?

In this easy to learn card based game you get to do exactly that. Race to build your sandcastle in ever more complex ways using the crab, bucket and seagull castle tiles.

Once the castes are finished check to see if you have earned bonuses for matching current cards, or having the biggest castle or the tallest stack of seagulls.

But beware - other players can sabotage you by using a crab to steal a bucket card, or a bucket to chase a seagull or a seagull to steal a crab.

Sandcastles is quick to learn, easy to play and works with 1-7 players in around 30 minutes.

Get your copy here

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WE are delighted to say that 'Sandcastles' has had a make over and a Polish edition is now available from the lovely Trefl.


Ok, so we are bound to say that our game is pretty smashing - we've spent ages polishing and nurturing it to get to your tables. But you don't have to take our word for it. Here are some reviews from people who really know their gaming onions. Click on the links below and see what they have to say. And if you like it then follow them too. They all come up with some excellent comments. Oh, and if you wish to make your own comments then please do 'rate' us on boardgamegeek. The link is at the bottom.





Who Dares Rolls.

"Sandcastles is a simple, fast and cheerfully mean little game offering just enough opportunity to make your fellow players lives a misery that it should appeal both to families and the hardcore gamer."

Click on the icon to see more.

Big Red Barrel.

"As is probably obvious, I have enjoyed Sandcastles a lot. It is a quick social game with easy rules and simple, yet charming artwork....and there are sneaky ways to mess up your opponents, but always in a fun light-hearted way."

Click on the icon to see more.

Token Trove.

"It is a delightfully mean game that will get you all laughing and crying for the entire game. We played it with our 8-year-old daughter and she won!"

Click on the icon to see more.


Club Fantasci.

"...half the fun in building sandcastles is kicking them over (or in this game, attacking with buckets, crabs and seagulls)."

Click on the icon to see more.

Games Gazette Online

"It is a simple game, well devised and majestically illustrated, with rules that players from quite a young age will have no problems understanding."


Creaking Shelves.

"Slip on your flip flops and prepare for a tile laying battle like never before.

Click on the icon to see more.

Polyhedron Collider.

In a very busy UK Games Expo I chat to fabulously named Polyhedron Collider squad about all things Sandcastles. It was busy, busy so it's a bit noisy, noisy. I don't know - people having fun at UK Games Expo who would have thought! 

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THE FRIENDLY BOARDGAMER gives Sandcastles a dusting down on the beach and discovers that it can lead you to do some unfriendly things to your opponent's castles. Who would have thought it possible!

Click on the icon to see more.

And that's a brief intro to Sandcastles. If you like what you see and can't wait to get playing the button below.


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