- The Speed Reaction Game with a whisker of bluff.

SNAG: verb ; to catch, grab or seize quickly.

Be the one who snags most cards to win the game.

For 2-6 players age 6 upwards in around 10 minutes.

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SNAGGIT is available now in a Limited Edition of 300 in a tin with a free YAY Games Badge. It was launched on the 6th April at UNCON 5.0 in Broadstairs in Kent.

SNAGGIT is quick, delightfully simple and brings a new angle to speed reaction games. Each round 6 cards are placed in a circle and using one hand, you have to snag as many cards as you can that fit the current challenge. This can be matching the habitat or movement of the animal card, or not. Or in a 'call out' challenge you have to snag an animal and declare what about it is the 'biggest', 'quickest' or 'strongest'.

But get it wrong and you lose that card and another from your hand.

Fast, funny and very silly, SNAGGIT is the fifth YAY Game!

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Here is what comes in the Limited Edition 'In a Tin' version. There are only 300 of these each with a special YAY Games pin badge.

We have launched our previous 2 games (Ominoes and Ominoes:Heiroglyphs) as Limited Editions so that every penny we make can go straight into developing the next game. It's a way of getting back to the spiritual heart of crowdfunding where you know that you, our lovely players, are directly supporting our work and you can get a finished game straight away. We know it's a win, win. We look forward to getting your order processed. Thankyou!

Here are the rules.

SNAGGIT - The Speed Reaction Game with a whisker of bluff.

Snaggit sticker cover limited ed.jpg

SNAGGIT is a speed reaction game for 2-6 players in just 10 minutes.

Each card has an animal showing with where it lives and how it moves.

There are 6 cards on show.

Can you grab the most which match the challenge card showing 'fields' or 'sea' or 'paws' depending on the challenge card.

Or - can you look at the creatures on show and be the first to say what the 'biggest' think about them is, or the 'strongest' or the 'fastest' and grab the cards that fit.

You can grab the cow by shouting 'biggest udders' ! Use your imagination and get creative - but watch out - get anything wrong and you lose your card and another from your winnings.

The player with the most creatures when the deck is finished wins the game.

It's fast, silly and above all - pocket sized.

Get your copy here

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