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The Gruffalo. 'Games from the deep, dark wood.'

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'Games from the deep, dark wood' is a big box of four family friendly games inspired by The Gruffalo. The games are simple to learn, take about 10 minutes each and, despite being for ages 4 and upward, offer a great deal of fun for all ages.

The games feature The Gruffalo, Mouse, Fox, Owl and Snake and are new and original.


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'The deep, dark wood.' Race to play all of the 6 Gruffalo cards you have been given. Join terrible teeth or rocks together to make a growing path through the wood. If you can't place a card then change it for a new one. The first player to play all their cards wins.

The Gruffalo
Games from the deep, dark wood

3d Box Front.jpg

'Games from the deep, dark wood' is a family friendly set of 4 games in one box all inspired by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler's 'The Gruffalo'.

It is perfect for those young fans of 'The Gruffalo' to get into the social interaction of playing games around a table.

There is 'What's a gruffalo?' - a jigsaw type memory game where you race to build you own Gruffalo.

There is 'Oh Help, Oh No!' - a fun dexterity game where you hide your mice in the wood by flipping them onto a large picture of the wood.

There is 'The deep, dark wood' - a domino style game with pattern matching to make a path through the wood and play all your cards first.

There is 'His eyes are orange...' - a card collecting game where you get cards and read out what the mouse says to the fox, owl and snake.

The game is decorated with all of the characters drawn by Axel Scheffler.

A family friendly game for 2-4 players with each game simple to learn and taking 10 minutes each.

Surely an essential part of every Gruffalo fan's game collection.

Click here to order yours now.

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'Games from the deep, dark wood' has been an exciting project with three top UK designers working together. Brett J. Gilbert, Tony Boydell and Andrew Harman.


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