The Gruffalo. 'Games from the deep, dark wood.'

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'Games from the deep, dark wood' is a big box of four family friendly games inspired by The Gruffalo. The games are simple to learn, take about 10 minutes each and, despite being for ages 4 and upward, offer a great deal of fun for all ages.

The games feature The Gruffalo, Mouse, Fox, Owl and Snake and are new and original.


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'The deep, dark wood.' Race to play all of the 6 Gruffalo cards you have been given. Join terrible teeth or rocks together to make a growing path through the wood. If you can't place a card then change it for a new one. The first player to play all their cards wins.

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'What's a gruffalo?' Can you be the first to complete your gruffalo? Each player has ten Gruffalo tiles and a board to place them on. Turn over a card that shows a part of a Gruffalo and try to turn one of your matching tiles over. If you find the right part then add it to your board. If you are wrong then turn it back over and leave it where it was. Whoever turns over Mouse gets to choose which part everyone is looking for.

It's surprisingly tricky to remember where the right tile is.

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'His eyes are orange...' Earn Mouse tokens for scaring away the animals in this quick card game. Pick two cards or swap with another player to get the sets of three cards to scare Fox, Owl or Snake. Read out the phrases and earn a Mouse token. The first to get  five wins.

'He has knobbly knees, and turned-out toes, and a poisonous wart on the end of his nose.'

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'Oh help! Oh no!' Hide five of your Mouse tokens in the wood. Flip the Gruffalo boards to make a big woodland scene. Turn over cards to find where to hide your Mouse tokens - rocks, the path, the stream and so on. Then throw your Mouse token onto the board.

If it lands in the right place leave it there - if you miss take it back. The first player to hide all five mouse tokens wins.

Oh help! Oh no! RULES.jpg

'Games from the deep, dark wood' has been an exciting project with three top UK designers working together. Brett J. Gilbert, Tony Boydell and Andrew Harman.

'Games from the deep, dark wood' will be available from 22nd November.