Well, that's how we see gaming here. And that's how we design our games to be played.


Our games are simple to learn, quick to get into and packed with opportunities to play naughty.


In 'Frankenstein's Bodies' it was the stealing of body parts and the taking of surgeons. In 'Sandcastles' its the nobbling of prize winning seaside structures.In 'Ominoes' it's the ancient 6,000 year old game of dice manipulation. In 'Ominoes: Heiroglyphs' it's moving and flipping ancient tiles to build pyramids. In 'Snaggit' it's all about speed and bluff.

Across every game we want to build tiny world where you can play, fight, block, race and all the time have fun.

So, if you are looking for a bunch of entertaining and award winning games then you are in the right place.


This is the place to find out about our games, keep up to date on what we are up to, check out links to reviews, comment of how you find playing our games and buy them direct from us if you wish. So, come on in and play!


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Andrew Harman

Chief Creative YAY Games

So this is me pressing the 'GO' button on a massive printing machine.


Well, that's the cards for Frankenstein's Bodies!