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So - where did all this come from?

I've always loved games. Card games, board games - hell, I own over a hundred of the things so the clue is there. I've always been creative too - eleven books in a comic fantasy style - shameless plug - check out Andrew Harman and his books. Yes, that's me.

But none of that is any excuse for why this game has been developed.

A writer friend of mine Iain Lowson came up with the Griffie Award-winning RPG ' Dark Harvest: The legacy of Frankenstein'. A fantastic modern grisly reinvention of Mary Shelley's hero. Except in Iain's world Frankenstein is alive and well and is working away in what was Romania - since renamed Promethea. Corruption is rife, and the world is pretty grim for the less powerful. If you like gruesome and gothic - check it out

He involved me from early on eventually getting me to write some of the short stories and 'flavour fiction' included in there.

Then he decided that the franchise needed a game, something to add to the growing reputation of 'Dark Harvest'. Something for all the family!

And two years later here it is.

This blog will have more about the development of the game, the angst, the suffering and the great journey from concept to 'completion'. You'll see me go in circles, chase my tail, reinvent myself and well - watch and learn about how not to design a game.


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