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There nothing like a nice cup of tea!

Tony Boydell has been busy this year and several of his designs will be available at Essen. Tony has been showing off one of his latest designs Alubari: A Nice Cup of Tea at several different shows. Published by Studio H and Board Game Box, I believe that it was on limited sale at UK Games Expo, but the small number meant that it sold out quickly.

I had a choice at UKGE, and we bought Foothills (a 2 player card game designed by Ben Bateson and Tony Boydell). I'm very pleased we did, as we have enjoyed that no end. Alubari: A NIce Cup of Tea is much more in depth game.

During the game each player cultivates their tea estate in Darjeeling, makes chai for the workers and, yes, builds railways. This is a new game in the Snowdonia family, so railways are obligatory! This is available at the Surprised Stare Games Stand.…/228959/alubari-nice-cup-tea

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