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The spiritual and commercial

Two more games today going to Essen from our wonderful UK independent designers and publishers are Mandala designed by Brett Gilbert and Trevor Benjamin, and Key Market 2nd edition, designed by David Brain and published by R&D Games.

Mandala is a 2 player abstract card game, with a 'cute' linen playmat - think tea towel. This is another game from the prolific Brett Gilbert, this time working with Trevor Benjamin (OK he's Canadian, but he lives in the UK). The board looks lovely with some amazing cards. The fact that there is no writing means it should go down well in Germany as well as the UK. This is being published by LookOut Games.

Key market is the first of the Key series of games published by R&D games, and the first not designed by the grand master of games Richard Breese. This is the 2nd edition. The game was originally released in 2010, but only in a limited edition. If you didn't get a chance to catch this then now is your chance.

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