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More cats and then outer space

More games from UK Indies going to Essen are Lux Aeterna by Tony Boydell published by Surprised Stare Games, and Cat Cafe published by Alley Cat Games.

Lux Aeterna by Tony Boydell and published by those wonderful people at Surprised Stare Games.

This is a solo card game where you are trying to repair your spaceship whilst it plunges into a black hole. Everything is falling apart around you and you are ALONE!

This is one of their small box series and it is published in German by Frosted Games.

Now I don't get much time to play solo games - well not anyone else's. But its always worth looking at something designed by Tony.

Another cat game - what can I say, I really love cats.

Cat Cafe from Alley Cat Games is really nice light roll and write game. Its a revised version of a Korean game called Cat Tower which was previously published by Mandoo Games. But it fits here because Alley Cat is one of the wonderful UK Indie publishers. You might remember Dice Hospital.

Oh and you get to draft dice as well. So cats, drafting, roll and write - all handled by the wonderful Cesar from Alley Cat.

And Alley Cat will also be demo-ing Tungaru and Tinderblocks on their stand.

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