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Wales and tailoring!

And here is the last set of games being taken to Essen this year by UK Indies - before we ourselves head off. I've saved the best for last - Snowdonia: Deluxe Master Set and Tinker Tailer: 2nd Edition. Now these have both been out before, so why so good you ask?

Firstly Snowdonia: Deluxe Master Set designed by Sebastian Bleasdale Tony Boydell David Brain Matthew Dunstan Hisashi Hayashi Błażej Kubacki David J. Mortimer Alan Paull Dávid Turczi. This is trailed as everything ever printed about Snowdonia and more! The base game Snowdonia designed by Tony Boydell is one of the best worker placements that I know, and the weather plays an important part - after all it is based in North Wales!

The only reason that I am not rushing out to buy this, is that I already own all of the stuff that has been printed, but even then I am tempted, as it looks such a lovely box, and there is the promise of more in it. If you haven't seen this game, I urge you to go out and have a look, but don't leave it for long, as there aren't many copies available at Essen - it will be on the Surprised Stare Stand.

Tinker Tailer: 2nd editition is designed by Richard Denning (of UK Games Expo fame) - yes, if you didn't already know, Richard is a really good designer as well as one of the wonderful people behind UKGE. This is a light filler game, described as suitable for families, and has a Dice Tower seal of approval. In addition, the artwork is done by a great friend of ours Andree Schneider. Successful enough to be in a 2nd edition, this is well worth a look.


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