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Central America and Words at Essen

UK Indies Essen update No 8:

Two more lovely games being taken to Essen that I am looking forward to are Maya and W++.

Brett has been extremely busy this year with another game out, this time working with Trevor Benjamin on Maya (published by White Goblin Games) - he's been very busy indeed, as he is also one of the designers for the Guffalo game coming out at the end of November (Games from the Deep Dark Wood, published by us! - yes shameless plug). Maya is a lovely abstract tile-laying game with a slight euro theme. Brett describes this as Mandala's big brother. I haven't had a chance to look at this yet, so I'm looking forward to it.

W++ is a whole host of games from Bez Shahriari (published by Stuff by Bez). Each time I catch up with her, there appears to be another game she has thought of with this extremely versatile deck. And surprisingly in all that time, I have never actually managed to sit down and play one. So this will be a great experience. Not only is Bez such a lovely person, and a joy to spend time with, but she is also extremely inventive. She's also planning to run some competitions at about 2pm each day, so that even tells me what time to get to see this!

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