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Essen Spiel 2014. Heading out to Germany.

So....we are actually heading out to Essen in Germany from 16th to 20th October. If you know what 'Essen' is then you'll guess how excited we are. If not....well, it's four days of traders, publishers and public in four enormous halls, playing , buying and generally living games for the whole time. Last year had over 150,000 people there. Yes....exciting and not a wee bit scary.

So, if you are going there please pop by to HALL 4 A 106 where we'll be demoing games and hopefully selling lots of them!

If you want to pre-order now and collect there free of postage charges then we have a special Essen Order code at check out on our 'Buy Page'.

Now if you aren't lucky enough to be heading out there but want a bit of gaming fun to celbrate our launch We are holding a launch party in Clapham London on 16th October from 6pm onwards. We are launching there with cocktails, other gothic horror games (some for all tastes) and we will be having expet domos from the Rollin' Dice team of podcasters. If you want to go drop me a message through the contact page (before the 12th Oct as we are heading to Germany on 13th early) and I'll get you on the invitation list. Bye for now!

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