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Winning the Griffie Award.

Wow. We have just returned from Edinburgh's 'Conpulsion' (the longest running ames convention in Scotland) and not only did we have a fantastic time meeting chums, playing games and generally having a cracking time but - we came back with the Griffie Award for Best Board Game 2015.

This is incredible and flattering and adds to the remarkable history of 'Dark Harvest: The Legacy of Frankenstein'. Two years ago Iain Lowson walked awy with the Griffie for Best RPG for 'Dark Harvest' (beating the heavyweight 'One Ring') and now we have added to the success with our game.

Wha makes this award special is that i is only voted for by the attendees - so this really is a gamer's award from gamers. And to get it so soon after release of our first game is a real delight. Thanks to all who voted.

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