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UK Games Expo 29th - 31 May

So it seems almost unbelievable that this time last year we were in the middle of the KS campaign for 'Frank'. Back then there was still the chance that our hard worked-on game might not see the light of day. We were gearing up for what turned out to be an amazing weekend at UK Games Expo which tipped the balance into success for our funding targets. That and the fact that we had a tremendous and overwhelmingly positive response to 'Frank' meant that we had no choice but to get our first game out there. Well, having done the official launch at Essen we are headng back to Expo ready to play again and this time hopefully get folks to buy. Not only do we have a playing space almost 5 times the size of last year, but we will be bringing 'Sandcastles' which has also successfully funded and will be out and on shelves in summer.

If all goes right we might even have finsihed copies of the game. If we do then we might just have to have a pre-launch weekend of fun before the official launch in July.

Gosh - what a year!

So - if you are heading out to Expo do come along and say hi in Kings on stand K14. All the best.

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