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'OMINOES' is here and on sale!

Yes it's true. We are delighted to announce that 'Ominoes' can now be bought directly from us here on our webpage. And it comes in a tin, like this.

Smart, eh? Well it's the 'Deluxe Edition' and we are offering it in a tin and with the special play mat directly from us. There will be a retail version along later in the year which will be in a more familiar card box and with a card playing board. This shiny edition can be your now at the same price and six months earlier at least.

Why no crowdfunding? I hear some folk ask. Well, actually, this is a crowdfunding system but better for everyone. Let me explain.

'Ominoes' is finished, playtested and ready to be played on tables across the world. Your tables actually! We know that you want your copy as soon as possible so we're not asking you to wait months for delivery, or even pledge money to a project that might not fund. We are funding this ourselves and making just as many 'Deluxe Editions' as you lovely people want. It's not a stretch goal, not a concept, 'Ominoes' is real and ready for you to buy right now.

We are offering you faithful folk - the guys who have supported us through launching 'Frankenstein's Bodies' and 'Sandcastles' - the chance to get your 'Ominoes' ahead of the rest of the world. It's our way of saying thanks. Oh - and of course you'll be helping us fund the retail edition. Every penny that you spend directly with us will go towards that. Crowdfunding sites take a fee which is pretty hefty - for every ten of you pledging your support one of you will be funding the crowdfunding site. We don't want your support going anywhere other than where you wanted it to go - supporting us here at YAY Games.

We see this as a winner all round. A game that is ready to be shipped out right now, a game that's already 'Deluxed-up' for you and all of your support helping our future goal of bringing you cracking games. So - one last picture of what you can expect to receive and then do hop over to our BUY page to get your copy of 'Ominoes'.

Yaymondo and his minions are waiting to get your copy packed and out there. Cheers and Happy Gaming. Spread the word!

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