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Retail Therapy

Well it will be therapuetic eventually. Yes the Retail Edition of Ominoes took a huge lurch forward to day as we sent off artwork to get prototypes made. This is for the cardboard edition which will be in shops in February (all being well). So - what's the difference?

It's a square box of cardboardyness and not a tin of shiny metalurgy. And it'll look like this.....

Look, it's square and got sides!

Also the boards been rearranged a bit to become square rather than the rectangular 'Deluxe Edition'.

And the biggest difference is that there is stuff on the back of the box. So here it is. The Back of the Box! YAY!

Now this all means that the retail Version is pretty much exactly the game we know and love and will almost certainly end up at £25 in the shops. So, why wait until February to get playing when you can have the spiffy 'Deluxe Edition' now at now more money.

When they're gone......they're gone! Happy gaming, folks.

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