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The Ominoes Family grows!

Ominoes 'Classic' has been joined by Ominoes 'Kostky Bohu' and Ominoes 'Travel'.

Yes, the Ominoes family is growing. We're proud to welcome our first bouncing baby fresh in and available in the Czech Republic. The smashing team Albi have given us 'Kostky Bohu' (which means Dice of the Gods). All the fun of Ominoes with handy Czech translation. YAY!

And - if that wasn't enough - we have also brought a few Ominoes 'Travel' out - only available from us. With a roll up mat, carry tube, dice, counters and rules in English and German its the perfect way to keep your favourite game with you wherever you go.

AND! There's more.

The Ominoes Roll-up dice mat.

The decorative and portable way to keep your dice under control.

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