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SNAGGIT is here!

Our eagerly awaited fifth game is finally available in all its Limited Edition glory.

The Limited Edtion unpacked from its tin. With free YAY Games badge.

SNAGGIT is a speed reaction game with a difference. As well as matching symbols to do with movement and habitat (or snagging cards that don't match for movement or habitat) there are other cards where you have to choose the 'biggest' part of an animal, or the 'quickest' or 'strongest'. Snag cards (take them from a central area with one hand faster than anyone else) and declare why. In the picture above you'll be snagging cards that have a different movement (top icon) to the dragonfly. So snag hooves, crawlies, slithery or paws. Or it could be quickest of all the animals on show (normally 6). So you can snag it by saying the dragonfly is 'quickest' to change direction.

You have to be quick witted and sometimes people blurt out some weird stuff. We had a classic combination of several animals including a cow and the challenge 'biggest'. 'Biggest udders!' was the natural but surprising call out.

SNAGGIT plays 2-6 players in around 10 minutes. It's fast an light and is a great new addition to our growing range.

We are running the first 300 copies as a Limited Edition in a tin which offers the whole spirit of crowdfunding as all the money raised goes straight back into developing the next games. SNAGGIT is ready to go now so there's no waiting for any campaign to run through and no delays in delivery. We can ship straight away. We think it's a win, win, win.

You can find more on SNAGGIT and our other games at

Happy Gaming.

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