• The YAY Team

Find the LUCKY OSTRICH and win £50 of YAY Games.

Yes, it's true. In one of the 300 Limited Edition Tins of SNAGGIT hides the Lucky Ostrich. Find it and you could be snagging £50 worth of YAY Games direct from us.

SNAGGIT the speed reaction game with a whisker of bluff - is already proving very popular and with only 300 made they will be going soon.

Now if you already have a collection of our games - first a huge thanks for supporting us - and second - it's OK, we want you to have as much fun as everyone. There's no time expiry limit on the Lucky Ostrich so you could be winning any of our future games!

So - happy Ostrich hunting and don't forget the only place you can get Snaggit is direct from us at www.yaygames.uk.

Happy Gaming. The YAY Team.

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