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The Gruffalo is coming!

'A mouse went for a walk in the deep, dark wood'.... yes, you all know how The Gruffalo starts. Unbelievably 'The Gruffalo' is just over 20 years old and to celebrate we are bringing out a bundle of four brand new games featuring the well-loved characters of The Gruffalo, Mouse, Fox, Owl and Snake.

'Games from the deep, dark wood' is coming in October!

Each game is brimming with fun and yet with a simple set of rules meaning each game lasts around 10 minutes.

'The deep, dark wood' is a race game where players have to add their Gruffalo cards to the path through the woods. The player to place all their 6 cards first wins.

'What's a gruffalo?' is a race to find all 10 parts of your gruffalo and put them on your board. Turn over a card and look for terrible teeth. If you find them you can place them, if not the tile stays where it is. If a player turns over Mouse then they get to choose which part players have to find.

'He has orange eyes...' is a race to collect cards to scare away the animals. Get a set of Fox cards and read out the words on the three cards 'He has terrible tusks and terrible claws and terrible teeth in his terrible jaws'. This earns you a Mouse token. Collect five to win.

'Oh help! Oh no!' is a race to hide your Mouse tokens in the wood. Cards tell you whether it's rocks or trees or the stream you must flip your Mouse token into. Find the right place and you are safe. Miss and you get your Mouse token back. The first to hide all five Mouse tokens wins.

All the games are quick and delightful and feature the stunning artwork of Axel Scheffler.

This truly is a very exciting project for us and we can't wait to get it out to you all. We will have details of where you get your copy coming soon.....and in time for Christmas!


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