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Essen Spiel 2013

Well, we finally got to go to Germany for this enormous trade fair. Quite why the organisers decided to let the public in I'm not sure but I'm not alone in being delighted with the choice. First up - it's huge! You think it's a long way to the chemist well that's just peanuts to this! (Yay second blog and I'm misquoting Douglas Adams!)

Three monstrous halls with hundreds of thousands of punters politely elbowing their way into get a game played.

We met up with some lovely folks. Laurence and Julian from WOTAN GAMES and Charlie and Allan from SURPRISED STARE. (If you're looking for a deceptively strategic tile laying game where you get to refurbish Arthur's Castle then get hold of CAMELOT:THE BUILD. Or if you're seeking the finest worker placement game this side of Llanberis then get a copy of SNOWDONIA!) And of course the irreplacable Martin Wallace.

We were told that we should go if we're planning on launching 2014. I'm glad we did. Not only was it a great couple of days with some lovely people but oddly events conspired that made it even more likely we'll be releasing by 2014!

When I can tell you more I will.

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