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The Kickstarter Campaign

We are going live with the Kickstarter on 26th April at sunny Edinburgh's excellent games convention 'Conpulsion'. Over the years we've been regulars there, giving talks, chatting about my writing career doing the sci-fi fantasy comedy books (The Sorcerer's Appendix, The Frogs of War, A Midsummer Night's Gene to name 3 of them). Two years ago we demo'd the first working version of 'Frank' there so it felt right to launch the Kickstarter with them. If everything falls into place we'll be playing games and taking pledges live to get the game out and on the shelves! We will need as many people as possible to pledge their money and with only 11 weeks to go we need everyone to encourage people to buy! Production, manufacture and shipping is very expensive and if we are to get this game off my computer and into people's game collections then we need lots of your support. Watch this space for further developments.

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