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'Body Building will never be the same again!'. Ian Livingstone, CBE

There are some very influential people who change the way things work in some amazing ways. cast your minds back if you can to a time when there wasn't a familiar black and orange sign on many high streets atop a shop called 'Games Workshop'. Hard isn't it? If you are one of the more keen gamers around then you'll probably have trouble imagining a world pior to 'Fighting Fantasy'. There is a man linking these two events together (and a whole host more in gaming circles).

Ian Livingstone, CBE co-founded 'Games Workshop' and co-authored 'Fighting Fantasy'. Imagine how I felt when Ian agreed to play and comment on 'Frankenstein's Bodies'. It was a real privilege to have such an experienced games designer's viewpoint and input. He had some brilliant and exceedingly helpful ideas which improved the game so much. We are really pleased with the end result.

And if that wasn't enough Ian had this to say about our fledgling game.

”I enjoyed playing Frankenstein’s Bodies because it is a fun, light-hearted game based on a gruesome tale. There is lots of player interaction as surgeons compete for body parts whilst trying to maintain their reputations. Body building will never be the same again!”

So you see - you don't just have to believe us when we say we're somewhat chuffed with the game.

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