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UK Games Expo was mad busy!!

Hi you lovely people. This is a quick update after what was another busy and awesome weekend at UK Games Expo. Now, in case you haven't heard of UK Games Expo it is a show that has been growing year on year for 12 years. It outgrew four hotels and a couple of conference centres and is now taking place in 2 Hall of the NEC in Birmingham as well as a massive Hilton Metropole Hotel. So what happens there? Well, people like us - small and large publishers rock up to entertain and sell stuff to folk who love boardgaming. And there are a lot of them. On Saturday there were 22,000 gamers through the gate and 385 exhibitors to entertain them. If you do the maths that's a lot of people heading to stands like ours wanting to play games! We were EXTREMELY busy.

So - what were the folk wanting from us. Well OMINOES went down a storm - after last year's award for 'Best Abstract Game' people were hunting us down to find out what the fuss was about - and they weren't disappointed. We also had a flurry of interest in Sandcastles and Frankenstein's Bodies.

But the main interest was for our new game 'Ominoes:Hieroglyphs' a tile-laying, tile-flipping game which is a standalone brand new game. Now there will be more info coming to the site soon and we will be making the game available on our shop - but, er, not just yet. You see we took delivery on Friday morning and they've all gone just now. Yes, it was that popular! So, when we get new stock in, we'll let you good people know.

But here's a picture of what's to come. Soon......honest!

Oh and we have just sold our last copy of Deluxe Sandcastles.

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