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Exciting Times!

It's been a fantastic few days. We went to Tabletop Gaming Live a convention in London's Alexandra Palace and people just did not stop playing 'Games from the deep, dark wood'. There was some awesome feedback - especially for 'He has orange eyes...' where players collect sets of cards with what mouse threatens tho fox, owl and snake with. You know - 'He has orange eyes', 'his tongue is black', 'he has purple prickles all over his back'. (Yeah - you just want to go and grab the book now don't you!) Well, you collect these to earn mouse tokens - but you have to read out the phrases. Parents are really loving this - so many happy smiling Mums and Dads when their offspring have to do some reading practice in a game. Tee hee. Oh and there's memory testing in 'What's a Gruffalo?' and dexterity in 'Oh Help! Oh No!' and lots more.

So - the other news is that 'Games from the deep, dark wood' is at the manufacturers being printed, stuck cut and readied for you lovely people. But please hold your breath - it will be coming at the end of November. I's too long away but there's nothing we can do about it.

File under coming soon!!!!

Here's what it will look like when you get yours.

Four fab games in one box. Games from the deep, dark wood will be out in November.

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